Nanotech 2011

Abrasion-Resistant Coatings by Nano-Diamonds

D. Ziltener, W.P. Weinhold R. Stengler, S. Guenther
Acctron AG, CH

Keywords: scratch analysis, nano-diamonds, sol-gel coating, micro band abrasion


By building hybrid polymer network structures with organic modifications properties of thin film materials can be modified in various ways. These films obtain a very good adhesion on many metallic and polymeric substrates and are much thinner than common coating materials. Mechanical properties of these layers are of great importance. While these coatings show good performance in scratch resistance, the lateral abrasion resistance is quite poor. This paper shows the improvement of the abrasion resistance by incorporating Nano-Diamond into the hybrid polymer. The following characterizations were performed at a high cross-linked sol-gel coating from Inno-X on an aluminium substrate. The Nano Diamond slurry was provided by Reishauer.

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