Nanotech 2011

Electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness of SWNT-coated, transparent, conducting panels

I.W. Nam, H.K. Lee, J.B. Sim, S.M. Choi

Keywords: nanocomposites, electromagnetic wave shielding/absorbing, single-walled carbon nanotubes(SWNTs)


Needs for electromagnetic wave shielding/absorbing have been increased in order to prevent electromagnetic interference, eavesdropping, and harmful effects to human bodies (Chung, 2001; Kim and Lee, 2008). Single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) have been well-known for their extraordinary electric conductivity (1000 times greater than copper) that could contribute to high electromagnetic wave shielding efficiency (Hong and Myung, 2007). The objective of the present work is to examine electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness of SWNT-coated, transparent, conducting panels. SWNTs were spray-coated on transparent panels in accordance with the procedure by Geng et al. (2007). The sheet resistance and electromagnetic wave shielding effectiveness of the panels were measured using four-point probe method and network analyzer, respectively (Park et al., 2006). The experimental results will be systematically presented.

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