Nanotech 2011

A New Scalable Technique for Continuous Nanofiber Fabrication from Sheared Liquid Dispersions

M.C. Wright, P. Geisen, S. Gangwal, S.K. Smoukov, O.D. Velev
Xanofi, Inc., US

Keywords: nanofiber, manufacture, polymer, liquid, shear, scalable, platform


Over the next five years, nanotechnology research will lead an explosion of new products in markets as diverse as filtration, medicine, energy, lighting, automotive, and a host of others. A significant barrier, however, still exists for many of these products to achieve commercial viability – an efficient, flexible method for industrial yields of functionalized nanofibers. Xanofi will present a new and versatile technique for continuous large-scale fabrication of inexpensive nanofibers. The patent-pending XanoShear™ method allows for the fabrication of polymer fibers as small as 200 nm in diameter from a number of solution-processed polymers. The process has many clear advantages –efficient scalability to commercial yields, the ability to integrate nanomaterials during fiber formation, and a variety of potential fibers that are difficult or impossible to make with other methods.

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