Nanotech 2011

Nano-porous Hybrid Solid Acid with Shape-selective Catalysis

Z. Zhu
Tongji University, CN

Keywords: nano-pore, hybrid, solid acid, heteropolyacids, shape-selective catalysis


To increase the acidity of mesoporous materials for the catalytic application, nano-porous silica- supported HPW solid acid was prepared in two ways, i.e., impregnation loading and hybrid including. The above as-synthesized nano-porous hybrid HPW solid acid was post-treated by liquid silica deposition with polysiloxane as a modifier. As a result, its acidity, hydrothermal stability and external surface properties were adjusted, improving its catalytic performance. Besides, their textile and the acidity were characterized. The synthesis of bisphenol F from condensation of phenol and formaldehyde was used to evaluate their catalytic performance. The mesoporous HPW hybrid solid acid shows the highest catalytic activity and shape-selectivity due to the acidity of HPW uniform dispersion and the hydrophobic & inactive external surface.

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