Nanotech 2011

Rifampicin nanosuspension production using microfluidic device

J.N. Schianti, N.N.P. Cerize, A.M. Oliveira, S. Derenzo, M.R. Gongora-Rubio
Polytechnic School - University of São Paulo, BR

Keywords: Rifampicin, nanoparticles, nanoprecipitation, microfluidic


In this work the results of a study of Rifampicin nanoprecipitation through antisolvent technique are presented, using microfluidic devices. Rifampicin is commonly used in Tuberculosis treatment and presents variability in bioavailability. The particle size and morphology were evaluated by observing the influence of fluid flow rates, the relation between flow rates, the presence of surfactants and Rifampicin concentrations. The size and morphology contribute to accelerate the dissolution rates, increasing biovailability.

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