Nanotech 2011

Three-dimensional cell instructive scaffolds to direct stem cell fate

P. Viswanathan, S. Chirasatitsin, G. Reilly, A. Engler, G. Battaglia
University of Sheffield, UK

Keywords: 3D, scaffolds, nanopatterning


Novel biomaterials design rarely incorporates the range of topographical (10nm – 100um) and chemical cues required to influence cell behaviour. Of particular interest is controlling human mesenchymal and embryonic stem cell fate. Recently it has come to light that physical and mechanical cues such as substrate elasticity and topography direct stem cell lineage commitment in 2D in addition to the traditional cocktail of induction factors. However, reports of scaffold design incorporating the range of chemical and physical is limited and the synergism between the various factors controlling cell fate in 3D remains to be explored. Here we aim to design novel 3 dimensional scaffolds using water-in-oil (w/o) emulsion templating.

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