Nanotech 2011

Formation of Focal Adhesions on the Portein Nanoarrays

P. Chen
Academia Sinica, TW

Keywords: ECM, contact printing, nanoarray


We describe a simple technique based on size tunable nanosphere lithography to create protein nanoarrays. To produce protein nanoarrays, we have employed a nanomolding process, which utilized the silicon templates fabricated by nanosphere lithography, to create size-tunable polymeric nanopillars. These polymeric nanopillars are then used as the stamps to print the protein nanoarrays by nanocontact printing. We have fabricated polymeric nanopillars with diameters ranging from 50 to 600 nm. These polymeric nanopillar arrays have been used to create various sizes of fibronectin nanoarrays by nanocontacting printing. When CHO cells were cultured on the fibronectin nanoarrays, it was found that cells can adhere and spread on all the fibronectin nanoarrays tested in this experiment and the protruding edges of the cells followed the fibronectin nanopatterns even with pattern size as small as 50 nm. The average size of focal adhesion was observed to decrease as the diameter of fibronectin nanopatterns decreased. The size tunable nanosphere lithography offers several advantages in preparing well-ordered protein nanoarrays for many potential applications in cell biology and biosensors.

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