Nanotech 2011

Utilizing Renewable Energy Resources for Distributed Power

K. Kassam
Ballard Power, CA

Keywords: smart grid, distributed power


The global grid-connected electricity market grows by roughly 100 GW capacity per year. In the past, this demand would have been met with the build out of central power plants, with extensive transmission lines to distribute the power. Now, with the evolution of the “smart grid”, this demand is increasingly being met through decentralized power generation. Clean and efficient hydrogen fuel cell systems are the ideal way to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of distributed power generation. Attend this informative presentation to learn about power generation with hydrogen fuel cell systems. We will discuss the strategic and operational benefits of using a megawatt-scale hydrogen fuel cell system to generate clean and reliable electricity. Hear case studies detailing the successful application of Ballard’s CLEARgenTM system in key application areas: 1. Base load generation with by-product hydrogen Chemical production plants can generate base load power using by-product hydrogen produced from their chemical production processes – this power can be used at the plant, offsetting demand from the grid. 2. Renewable energy for remote communities Off-grid communities in remote locations can be served through a combination of hydrogen production – using renewable energy – and fuel cell power, displacing diesel generator noise and emissions. Compact and scalable, with the ability to rapidly respond to changes in power demand, Ballard’s CLEARgenTM system provides dependable clean power at a lower cost and higher efficiency than any other alternative energy product. Ballard Power Systems is recognized as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of clean energy fuel cell products. Our fuel cell systems for distributed power generation are providing clean, reliable power to chemical production plants, remote communities and utilities.

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