Nanotech 2011

An Effective Catalyst Facilitating NOx Reduction in Diesel Exhaust Gas (invited presentation)

X.K. Hao
Nanostellar Inc., US

Keywords: catalyst, nano, diesel, exhaust


The regulations governing automotive emissions control continue to tighten around the world, requiring more complex emission control systems for diesel engines. Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) as the first component in the aftertreatment systems has three functions. First to minimize the gaseous Carbon Monoxide (CO)/Hydrocarbon (HC) polluting species ; second to minimize the excess HC derived from fuel addition during the regeneration sequence of particulate filter (HC slip) and third the production of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) to optimize Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) reaction conditions downstream. It is well documented that NO2 is enhancing the DeNox efficiency due to the “fast” SCR reaction (2NH3+NO+NO2->2N2+3H2O). In this work, a low cost, precious metal free and durable NO oxidation catalyst is demonstrated. Under realistic conditions, this catalyst can be an efficient Platinum substitute in DOC or other pre DeNox devices. Theoretical studies from quantum physics based models provided insights into the favorable pathways and rate limiting steps and enabled a fundamental understanding of the chemical reactions and material properties and allowed fast and inexpensive design of better targeted materials.

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