Nanotech 2011

Nanosilver – Why It is Still So Hot?

K.W. Lem, J.R. Haw, D.S. Lee, Z. Iqbal, A. Salama, S. Kurmaran, S. Sund, S. Curran, C. Brumlik, A. Choudhury
Konkuk University, KR

Keywords: nano silver, nanosilver, biocide, selfcleaning surface


At the present, we are focused on Korean consumer products because in our recent IP landscaping study, we have found that for all major patenting countries, Korea leads in nanosilver applications, with more than 1500 out of 4806 patent families from 1980 to November 30, 2010. Major patent activity has been seen in the area of pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, semiconductor devices, preservatives, sterilization and water treatment. In this paper, we report the highlight of our novel material design concept in eco-products development to optimize at the control of the unnecessary release, the size, locality vs. totality, and smart design of functionality during the release, from the point of view of chemists, toxicologists, microbial, environmental, biomedical, and chemical engineers.

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