Nanotech 2011

Analysis of morphology and property Ag nanoparticle in the carboxymethyl cellulose

J.S. Park, J.B. Choi, W.J. Kim, Y.S. Kim, Y.M. Lim, H.J. Gwon, Y.C. Nho
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, KR

Keywords: CMC, Silver nano particle, Antibacterial activity, Gamma-ray irradiation


Inthis study, silver nanoparticles have been prepared by using AgNO3 aqueous solution in the carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) hydrogel. CMC powder (20 wt%) was dissolved in deionized water, and then irradiated by a gamma-ray to make CMC hydrogel. The CMC hydrogel has been dipped into AgNO3 solution. After that, the swollen hydrogels were irradiated by gamma-ray to form AgNPs. The concentration and particle size of Ag NPs can be adjusting by varying the radiation doses. Also, the Ag NPs consolidated in the hydrogel networksof excellent antibacterial effect are more economical and unique for biomaterial applications.

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