Nanotech 2011

Development of the high performance GFRP with multiwall carbon nanotubes

N. Tarumoto
Hodogaya chemical Co., Ltd, JP

Keywords: multiwall carbon nanotubes, MWCNTs, GFRP


Owing to the structural and mechanical properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs), composites of MWCNTs are studied. However there is are few reports describing that MWCNTs without chemical modification is effective to mechanical properties of composites with MWCNTs. To prove the possibility of MWCNTs without chemical modification as filler, mechanical property of glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP) made of vinyl ester resin with MWCNTs are investigated. MWCNTs by a floating reactant method followed by post high temperature treatment are used in this research. The MWCNTs have high crystallinity, therefore the elastic modulus of the MWCNT is as high as 420GPa. In this report, the mechanical properties of GFRP with MWCNTs and the effect of diameter of MWCNTs on the mechanical properties of GFRP with MWCNTs discussed.

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