Nanotech 2011

Conductive, Transparent, Flexible, Stretchable Films of Copper Nanowires

A.R. Rathmell, B.J. Wiley
Duke University, US

Keywords: copper, nanowires, ITO, transparent, conductive


We present a novel synthesis that produces copper nanowires with diameters of 60 nm and lengths exceeding 20 um. Meyer rod coating of these nanowires produces films with sheet resistances less that 30 ohm/sq, and transmittances greater than 85%. The electrical and optical properties of copper nanowires are thus comparable to ITO, but unlike ITO, films of copper nanowires remain conductive after flexing or stretching. The low cost, scalable processing, high electrical and optical performance, and unique mechanical properties of copper nanowire films make them a promising alternative to indium tin oxide.

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