Nanotech 2011

Development of Polypropylene Nanofiber Production System via Solution Electrospinning, Melt Blown Electrospinning and Novel Handspinning

K. Watanabe, T. Nakamura, B-S. Kim, Y. Enomoto and I-S. Kim
Shinshu University, JP

Keywords: nanofiber, electrospinning, PP, polypropylene


In this study, we tried to prepare and characterize the PP nanofibers by Solution Electrospinning, Melt Blown Electrospinning and Novel Handspinning. For solution electrospinning, polypropylene was dissolved in different solvents (cyclohexane base solvent and decaline base solvent). Using both multicomponent solvent system, the PP naofiber web could be prepared. While the PP nanofibers prepared from cyclohexane base solution had rough surface morphologies, the PP nanofibers prepared from decalin base solution had smooth surface morphologies. To confirm the effect of surface morphologies on mechaniacal properties, we investigated tensile test of PP single nanofiber. The result showed that the tensile strength of the PP single nanofiber (prepared by decaline base solvent) with smooth sureface morphology was more than three times higher, compared to the PP single nanofiber with rough surface morphology.

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