Nanotech 2011

Application of Silsesquioxane Thin Films in Lithography

Y.Q. Rao, B. Weaver, J. Fenton, R. Jenkins, R. Auger, C. Sullivan, M.B. Clark Jr.
The Dow Chemical Company, US

Keywords: SSQ, lithography, thin films


Homopolymers and copolymers of silsesquioxanes (SSQs) with various substituents were synthesized. Thin coatings of thicknesses between 30 nm to 100 nm were generated by spin coating solutions of the synthesized SSQs and subsequently cured at a temperature between 200 to 300oC. Their application as an anti-reflective coating to minimize standing waves in advanced lithography was explored. Grazing angle IR, XPS, and other thin film characterization tools were utilized to study the structure of these thin films. The interaction of the SSQ thin film with the photoresist was studied using TOF-SIMS, which provided materials science insights to this application.

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