Nanotech 2011

Mechanical Production of Nanodispersions

S. Mende, J. Baumann
NETZSCH Premier Technologies, US

Keywords: nanodispersions, nanotechnology, comminution, mild dispersion, agitator bead mill


For the comminution down to the nanometer size range or for the dispersion of nano-sized particles the use of finer and finer grinding media is necessary. Furthermore for the avoidance of changes in the crystal structure of the product “Mild Dispersion” processes are very important. When using grinding media of a size smaller than 200 µm in conventional agitator bead mills there is always the danger of single grinding media entering and seizing in the mechanical seal and doing great damage. Furthermore, when using grinding media of a size smaller than 200 µm and with an increasing viscosity of the product suspension there is the danger that the media are transported to the separator screen by the flow forces where they are compressed. Therefore standard agitator bead mills are equipped with a grinding media separator, which ensures separation of grinding media from the suspension by centrifugal forces. With the advanced mill described in the presentation, these centrifugal forces are increased by a rotating separator screen with agitator shaft. This design guarantees safe grinding media separation, in particular, if the viscosity rises during dispersion processes with very fine grinding media and low stirrer tip speeds due to particle-particle interactions in the suspension.

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