Nanotech 2011

Nano-structured Ni.15Cu.25 Zn.6Fe1.96 Ferrite

H. Zhang, R. Karmacharya, R. Tomcavage, D. Schofield, D. Xiao
Inframat Corporation, US

Keywords: nano-structured NiCuZn ferrite, low temperature co-fired ceramic, sol-gel, permeability


In this work, we use sol-gel process to synthesize the nano-structured Ni.15Cu.25Zn.6Fe1.96O4 ferrite. The formed nano-powder was pressed into toroid rings and sintered at 930C at air atmosphere. In order to comparison to the ferrite with the same formula fabricated by conventional solid-state reaction ceramic method, the sintered density of nano-structured Ni.15Cu.25Zn.6Fe1.96O4 is 5.25g/cm3, which is 5% higher than micro-structured Cu.25Zn.6Fe1.96O4, 5.0g/cm3. The magnetic characterization indicates that the Curie temperature is 115 oC for both ferrites. However, the initial permeability of nano-structured Ni.15Cu.25Zn.6Fe1.96O4 is over 444, but 205 for the micro-structured Ni.15Cu.25Zn.6Fe1.96O4. The permeability of the nano-structured ferrite is as double as that of the micro-structured ferrite.

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