Nanotech 2011

Upconverting Nanophosphors for High Temperature Sensing Applications

X. Guo, H. Zhao, H. Song, Q. Chen, K.K. Li, Y.K. Zou, H. Jiang, C. Combs, V. Narayanaswamy, N. Clemens
Boston Applied Technologies, Inc., US

Keywords: nanophosphor, temperature sensing, oxide, upconversion


In this work, a unique upconverting thermographic phosphor technique was developed for overcoming the difficulties encountered currently in the down-conversion route. Upconverting nanopowders of rare earths doped refractory oxides were synthesized through a wet chemical route. Temperature sensitive characteristics over the range of 300K to 1700K with excellent sensitivity have been demonstrated with the upconverting nanophosphors. Several material systems with rare earths doping were examined, including current TBC material of choice, YSZ (yttria stabilized zirconia), and materials for possible future TBC applications (zirconate pyrochlores and rare earth silicates).

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