Nanotech 2011

Dilute Methane Pollution Control That Produces Continuous Clean Renewable Energy

J. Blair, P. Fukumoto
FlexEnergy, US

Keywords: dilute methane, low NOx, near zero emission, renewable energy


Methane is a greenhouse gas that has 25 times the environmental impact of carbon dioxide. Millions of tons of manmade methane seep into the atmosphere each year. Controlling this methane has been problematic. Much of the methane seepage is too dilute for current technology to destroy. FlexEnergy manufactures the Flex PowerstationTM which turns these sources of methane emissions into electricity. Unlike other energy technologies, the Flex oxidizes a wide range of fuel gas heating values by diluting all gas down to 1.5% methane concentration prior to use. The IP protected Flex Pressurized Thermal Oxidizer keeps NOx and CO emissions below 1 ppm, exceeding the most stringent emission requirements. The Flex tolerates moisture and other contaminants in the gas, eliminating the operational and air pollution problems typically associated with the use of alternative methane fuels as an energy source. Sources of problematic methane emissions such as landfills, digesters, oil & gas fields are now viable domestic clean energy sources. FlexEnergy technology enables the beneficial use and monetization of otherwise unused and harmful waste gas streams. An environmental problem is turned into a valuable asset by creating continuous domestic energy and clean air.

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