Nanotech 2011

Ratiometric Tumor Hypoxia Imaging Agents based on Dual-Emissive Difluoroboron beta-Diketonate-Poly(lactic acid) Materials

G. Zhang, G.M. Palmer, M.W. Dewhirst, C.L. Fraser
University of Virginia, US

Keywords: hypoxia, imaging, ratiometric, dual-emissive, nanoparticle, boron beta-diketonate, luminescence, fluorescence, phosphorescence, dye, oxygen, nanosensor


Dual emissive boron dye-poly(lactic acid) serve as ratiometric oxygen sensors. When appropriately tuned synthetically, the systems can serve as ratiometric oxygen nanosensors. In vivo tumor hypoxia imaging with boron nanoparticles has been demonstrated in a mouse window chamber model, with good spatial and temporal resolution. Additional systems have been modified with PEG for IV delivery and tumor accumulation. Advances in the development of ratiometric hypoxia nanosensors for tumor imaging will be presented.

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