Nanotech 2011

High spatial resolution Hall nano-sensors by tuned direct-write Co/C-FEBID

M.S. Gabureac, L. Bernau, G. Boero, I. Utke

Keywords: focused beam induced deposition of Cobalt, nanocomposite, giant Hall effect, bead detection, bio-nano-sensors


Gas assisted focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) is a direct write technique that allows for the deposition of nanoscale structures inside standard scanning electron microscopes (SEM). Here we show that composition of the nano-deposits depends on their size and that it is possible to control the beam parameters in order to tune the metal/matrix ratio and to obtain new nanoscale materials with tailored properties. By optimizing the Cobalt/Carbon ratio and the size of the active area, it was possible to obtain superparamagnetic Hall sensors with outstanding spatial resolutions. These sensors have been used successfully for detecting paramagnetic micro-beads commonly used as labels in bio-applications.

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