Nanotech 2011

Biodegradable micro and nanoparticles for controlled drug release

C. Mattu, S. Sartori, E. Ranzato, M. Boffito, R. Li and G. Ciardelli
Politecnico di Torino, IT

Keywords: nanoparticles, polyurethanes, polyesters, Paclitaxel


Biodegradable polymeric micro and nanoparticles have shown to be promising forms for the delivery of a wide array of drug formulations, such as hydrophobic or hydrophilic active principles, proteins or other bio molecules. The aim of this study was to prepare micro and nanospheres starting from commercial polyesters, such as Poly-ε-Caprolactone (PCL) and Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) or proprietary polyester-urethanes (PU), for the controlled and targeted delivery of the anticancer drug Paclitaxel (PX) which has proved high efficacy against different tumours.

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