Nanotech 2010

Nano Bio Materials

Nano Bio Materials

Symposium Chair

Darrin Pochan Darrin J. Pochan
Soft Matter, Associate Editor for North America
University of Delaware

Special Symposium

Bionanotechnology, the emerging field of using biomolecular and biotechnological tools for nanostructure or nanotechnology development, provides exceptional opportunity in the design of new materials. Self-assembly of molecules is an attractive materials construction strategy due to its simplicity in application. By considering peptidic or other bio-polymer molecules in the bottom-up materials self-assembly design process, one can take advantage of inherently biomolecular attributes; intramolecular folding events, secondary structure, and electrostatic interactions; in addition to more traditional self-assembling molecular attributes such as amphiphilicty, to define hierarchical material structure and consequent properties.

Materials and inspiration from the natural world can provide strategies for building nanostructured materials for a wide range of applications areas, from sensors and low-temperature water-based catalysts to responsive materials for micro-fluidic gating or switching.

Your submissions are invited in all areas of bionanotechnology including strategies for creating novel nanostructured materials using biological inspiration and building blocks. Discussions of novel applications of bio-nano materials are particularly invited.

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