Nanotech 2010

Research in Germany Land of Ideas

Research in Germany Land of Ideas

Germany has established a sophisticated nanotechnology landscape, hosting more than 1,000 nanotech-players. Next to major players, such as Infineon, DaimlerChrysler, Schott, Carl Zeiss, and Siemens, there are numerous small and mid-sized enterprises involved mainly with production, analysis, and equipment-related technologies in niche markets.

The German automotive, optical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries have strong demand for nanotech applications, as well as medical technologies and electronics sector applications

Germany has an outstanding international reputation for its scientific expertise, solidly based in its academic and industrial research facilities. In nanotechnology, nine clusters of excellence bind the efforts of Germany’s R&D players on a regional and application-specific basis.

In order to foster cooperation between science and industry, the German government has launched its “High-Tech Strategy,” encouraging a faster transfer from research into the ap-plications of products, services, and processes. Under this umbrella, the “Nano-Initiative” specifically supports the commercialization of nanotech-findings. Until 2010 some of the foci will be on following fields of industrial application:

NanoMobil – Lead innovation for the automobile industry

NanoLux – The grand scheme for the optical industry

NanoFab – Applications for the electronics industry

Nano for Life – The potential benefits for Life Sciences

Nano in Production – Optimizing industrial production of nano-materials

Supporting its nanotech R&D with overall € 350 million in public funds, Germany is without a doubt Europe’s Nº 1.

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