Nanotech 2010
equipment, design, fabrication, characterization

Fabrication, Characterization & Tools

equipment, design, fabrication, characterization  

Symposia & Topics

Nanoscale Materials Characterization: Imaging, Characterization of Nano Surfaces, Materials, Devices, Fluids
Bio Analytical Instrumentation: Mass Spec, Fluids, Assays, Arrays, Surface, Sizing & Imaging Instrumentation
Computational Methods, Simulation, Software Tools: MEMS Modeling (MSM), Nano Device & Material Modeling (ICCN), Methods & Tools
NanoFab: Manufacture & Instrumentation: Novel Materials, Devices, Processes, Structures & Instrumentation
MEMS Fab: Design, Manufacture, Instrumentation: MEMS Processes, CMOS Integration, Metrology, Processes, Services, Tools & Equipment
Micro & Nano Reliability: MEMS, NEMS, Electronics, Sensors, Simulation, Design, Testing, Materials, Standards

Organizers and Speakers Include:

Greg Haugstad Greg Haugstad
Senior Research Associate and Director, Characterization Facility, University of Minnesota and NSF Materials Research Facilities Network
Pierre Panine Pierre Panine
Senior Scientist
Xenocs SA, France
Jason Haaheim Jason Haaheim
Manager, DPN Applications
NanoInk, Inc.
Guy DeRose Guy A. DeRose
Associate Director of Technical Operations
Kavli Nanoscience Institute
California Institute of Technology
Aaron Stein Aaron Stein
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Deb Newberry Deb Newberry
Dakota County Technical College
Dr. Juergen Keller Jürgen Keller
AMIC GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Bernd Michel Bernd Michel
Head of MicroMaterials Center, Berlin and Chemnitz
Fraunhofer IZM and ENAS
Wolfgang Wondrak Reinhold Dauskardt
Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Stanford University
Keith Glassford
Technical Advisory Board,
Nanostellar, Inc.
Michael Makowski Michael Makowski
Group Leader, Applied Scientific Computing
PPG Industries R&D
Sadasivan Shankar Sadasivan (Sadas) Shankar
Senior Principal Engineer/Program Leader, Materials Design, Design and Technology Solutions Technology and Manufacturing Group, Intel Corporation
Pankaj Dhingra Pankaj Dhingra
Paul Richardson Paul M. Richardson
ProGenTech Limited, USA
Johannes G.E.M. (Hans) Fraaije
Chief Science Officer
Culgi BV, The Netherlands
Hendrik Heinz Hendrik Heinz
Professor, Department of Polymer Engineering
University of Akron
Anna C. Balazs Anna C. Balazs
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and the Robert von der Luft Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Yablon Dalia Yablon
Research Associate, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering

Track Sessions

Tuesday June 22

8:15 TechConnect World Welcome and Keynotes
9:00 Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-Forum
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 Microtech Commecialization & Applications
12:00 Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
1:30 Atomic Force Microscopy: Innovations and Applications
1:30 Microtech Commecialization & Applications
1:30 NanoFab: Nanopatterns Intersect Biology: DPN Special Session I
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)

Wednesday June 23

8:30 Keynotes: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools
8:30 Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RIC
10:00 Networking Coffee Break
10:30 Microscopy: Multi technique
10:30 New Approaches to Processing and Growth of Carbon Nano Tubes
10:30 Release of Nanoparticles from Nanocomposites and Nano-Containing Materials II
10:30 Polymer Nanotech: Copolymer surfaces: Applications
10:30 NanoFab: Direct Nanopatterning Fundamental Methods and Education: DPN Special Session II
12:00 Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)
2:00 Indirect Methods: Innovations and Applications
1:30 NanoFab: Novel Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, and Their Interactions
4:00 Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo Hall
 Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software Tools
 Nanoscale Materials Characterization
 NanoFab & MEMSFab: Manufacture, Instrumentation
 Inkjet Design, Materials & Fabrication
6:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd Floor

Thursday June 24

8:30 Keynotes: Transformational Nanotech
10:00 TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd Floor
10:30 Bio Nano Materials: Modeling and Simulation Approaches
10:30 NanoFab: Novel Applications of Top-Down Nanofabrication
10:30 Micro and Nano Reliability I
10:30 TechConnect Corporate Partnering
12:00 Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)
1:30 Nano Characterization Solutions
1:30 MEMS Device Modeling I
1:30 NanoFab: Carbon Nanostructuring; Fabrication of Organic Nanostructures
1:30 Micro & Nano Reliability II
1:30 Solar: Novel Technologies and Materials for Advanced Performance
3:00 Break
3:30 MEMS Device Modeling II
3:30 EHS: Nanoparticle Interactions, Biocompatibility & Toxicity III
3:30 International Standards Creation and Compliance in Nanotechnology
3:30 NanoFab: Nanofabrication Development - Techniques and Facilities
3:30 Micro & Nano Reliability III
5:00 TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second Floor

Track Program

Tuesday June 22

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8:15TechConnect World Welcome and KeynotesBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
8:15Welcome - TechConnect World
P. Glaza, Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization, US
8:30Global sustainability and technology surprise
J. Kohlhaas, Lockheed Martin, US
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9:00Transformational Techonlogy Visions, Keynote-ForumBallrooms ABCD
Session chair: Patti Glaza, CTSI, US
9:00M. Urban, University of Southern Mississippi, US
9:15A. Stieg, University of California Los Angeles, US
9:30J. Heath, California Institute of Technology, US
9:45D. Paul, University of Southern California Energy Institute, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30Microtech Commecialization & ApplicationsRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Jeff Perkins, Yole Inc., US
10:30MEMS Market Overview
J. Perkins, Yole Inc., US
11:00What it Takes to Develop New MEMS Products: Reality Check
A.M. Fitzgerald, AM Fitzgerald, US
11:30Ultra low cost monolithic CMOS motion sensors for mass-market consumption
J. Montanyà i Silvestre, Baolab, ES
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12:00Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
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1:30Atomic Force Microscopy: Innovations and ApplicationsRoom 210 C
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
1:30Singing in Harmony: Multifrequency AFM for Polymer Materials
R. Proksch, Asylum Research, US
2:00Material property characterization of polymeric surfaces with scanning probe microscopy
D. Yablon, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering, US
2:30Expanding Atomic Force Microscopy Applications with Multifrequency Measurements
S. Magonov, Agilent Technologies, US
3:00ScanAsyst and Peak Force QNM: Designed for Scientific Productivity, Atomic Force Microscope, Scanning Probe Microscope, SPM
S.C. Minne, Veeco Instruments, US
3:20Advanced nanoscale elastic property measurement by contact-resonance atomic force microscopy
G. Stan, R.F. Cook, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
3:40Nanoscale Chemical Spectroscopy with the Atomic Force Microscope
C.B. Prater, D. Cook, R. Shetty, K. Kjoller, Anasys Instruments, US
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1:30Microtech Commecialization & ApplicationsRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Jeff Perkins, Yole Inc., US
1:30It’s not just about the MEMS
D. Buckley, Micralyne, CA
2:00MEMS-based Silicon Timing: Semiconductor Economics and Benefits Drive Rapid Growth
P. Sevalia, SiTime, US
2:30MEMS Applications - Oscillators
M. Crowley, Sand9, US
3:00MEMS Applications - MEMS ribbons for projectors
M. Bellis, Seikowave, JP
3:30MEMS Applications - RF MEMS Switches
J. Hilbert, wiSpry, Inc., US
4:00MEMS Applications - fluidic transport for consumer applications
F. Bartles, Bartels Mikrotechnik, DE
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1:30NanoFab: Nanopatterns Intersect Biology: DPN Special Session IRoom 303 A
Session chair: Jason Haaheim, NanoInk, US
1:30Model Substrates Presenting Peptide Nanoarrays for Studies of Mechanistic Cell Behavior
M.N. Yousaf, University of North Caroline at Chapel Hill, US
1:50Spatially nanopatterned ligands alter the response of ErbB receptors (invited presentation)
K. Salaita, Emory University, US
2:10Novel opportunities for nanoscale surface scanning probe lithography (invited presentation)
S. Rozhok, R. Shile, J. Fragala, N. Amro, M. Nelson, NanoInk, US
2:30Preparation of nanopatterned substrates via Dip-pen Nanolithography for stem cell applications
S. Oberhansl, A. Lagunas, E. Martinez, H. Jamil, J. Samitier, Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia, ES
2:50Functional lipid nanostructures fabricated by dip-pen nanolithography
S. Lenhert, Florida State University, US
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo (4:00 - 6:00)Expo Hall

Wednesday June 23

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8:30Keynotes: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsRoom 210 D
Session chair: Keith Glassford, Nanostellar, US
8:30Computational Materials Design – Are we there yet? (keynote presentation)
S. Shankar, Intel Corporation, US
8:55A Rational Design Approach to Catalyst Discovery (keynote presentation)
P. Dhingra, Nanostellar, US
9:20Materials discovery with ab initio high throughput calculations (keynote presentation)
G. Fitzgerald, G. Goldbeck-Wood, J.L. Gavartin, A. Perlov, M. Sarwar, S. French, S. Garçia, A. Martinez-Bonastre, D. Thompsett, Accelrys Ltd, UK
9:45Quantum Simulated Li-ion Battery Materials Database and Design Engine Software: Materials to System Level Design and Optimization
D. Srivastava, Nanoexa Corp., US
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8:30Government & Alternative Commercialization Funding - DOD, NASA, DOE, SBIR & RICRoom 207 D
Session chair: Kelly Carnes, TechVision21, US
8:30DOE SBIR Funding Opportunities
D. Goodwin, US Department of Energy, US
8:50DOD Commercialization Funding Opportunities
F. Barros, US Department of Homeland Security, US
9:10NASA Commercialization Funding Opportunities
R. Pisarski, NASA/Ames, US
9:30Renewable Energy Commercialization
J. Croce, Nevada Institute for Renewable Energy Commercialization, US
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10:00Networking Coffee BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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10:30Microscopy: Multi techniqueRoom 210 C
Session chair: Greg Haugstad, University of Minnesota, US
10:30Subsurface characterization of high dielectric nanostructures in low dielectric polymer matrix using Electric Force Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy
M. Zhao, B. Ming, P. Stutzman, G. Chen, X. Gu, C. Park, Y.C. Jean, T. Nguyen, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
10:50Nano-scale TEM studies of the passive film and the chloride-induced depassivation of carbon steel in concrete
P. Ghods, O.B. Isgor, J. Li, G. Carpenter, G. McRae, G.P. Gu, Carleton University, CA
11:10Mechanical Characterization of Metallic Nanowires by Combining Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
E. Celik, E. Madenci, The University of Arizona, US
11:30Real-Time Electro-Mechanical-Themal Coupling in One-Dimensional Materials
R.S. Yassar, H. Ghassemi, A. Ashtana, Y.K. Yap, Michigan Technological University, US
11:50Atomic scale dopant detection in an individual silicon nanowire by atom probe tomography
W.H. Chen, R. Lardé, E. Cadel, T. Xu, B. Grandidier, J.P. Nys, D. Stievenard, P. Pareige, Groupe de Physique des Matériaux, FR
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10:30New Approaches to Processing and Growth of Carbon Nano TubesRoom 210 B
Session chair: Wolfgang Bacsa, CEMES, Univ. of Toulouse, FR
10:30Gels of Carbon Nanotubes and Nonionic Surfactant and High-quality Carbon Nanotube Films Prepared by Gel Coating
J. Ouyang, National University of Singapore, SG
10:50Large area, directionally aligned single-walled carbon nanotube thin film by self-assembly and compressed sliding methods
C.K. Najeeb, J.-H. Lee, J. Chang, J.-H. Kim, Ajou University, KR
11:10Catalyst-Free Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes with Low-Intensity Lasers
V. Krishna, B. Koopman, B. Moudgil, University of Florida, US
11:30Effect of Position and Orientation of Stone-Wales Defects on the Fracture Behavior of a Zigzag Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube
K. Talukdar, A.K. Mitra, NIT DURGAPUR INDIA, IN
11:50Characterization of the interfacial binding strength of bundled single-walled carbon nanotubes
C. Ke, M. Zheng, W. Cui, G. Zhou, N. Pugno, R.N. Miles, State University of New York at Binghamton, US
12:10Direct growth of carbon nanotubes on a plastic substrate
D. Carnahan, D. Esposito, I. Izrailit, A.V. Vasenkov, CFDRC, US
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10:30Release of Nanoparticles from Nanocomposites and Nano-Containing Materials IIRoom 209 B
Session chair: Tinh Nguyen, NIST, US
10:30New method for the caracterization of abrasion-induced nanoparticle release into air from nanomaterials
L. Golanski, A. Guiot, F. Tardif, CEA, FR
10:50Direct Evidence of Nanoparticle Release from Epoxy Nanocomposites Exposed to 295 nm-400 nm UV Radiation
T. Nguyen, B. Pellegrin, P. Stutzman, A. Shapiro, E. Byrd, X. Gu, J. Chin, NIST, US
11:10An analytical method to quantify the release of silica nanoparticles from polymer nanocomposites exposed to UV radiation
S.A. Rabb, L.L. Yu, T. Nguyen, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
11:30Developing a Strategy for the Spatial Localisation and Autonomous Release of Silver Nanoparticles within Smart Implants
L.A.A. Newton, D.G. Sharp, R. Leslie, J. Davis, Nottingham Trent University, UK
11:50Characterizing Nanoparticle Emissions from Burning Polymer Nanocomposites
M.R. Nyden, R.H. Harris, Y.S. Kim, R.D. Davis, N.D. Marsh, M. Zammarano, National Institute of Standards and Technology, US
12:10Nanoparticle release from nano-containing product, introduction to an energetic approach
L. Gheerardyn, O. Le Bihan, E. Dore, M. Morgeneyer, INERIS, FR
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10:30Polymer Nanotech: Copolymer surfaces: ApplicationsRoom 208 AB
Session chair: Fiona Case, NSTI, US
10:30Block copolymer lithography for precise definition and placement of sub-10 nm feature size circuitry (invited presentation)
M. Morris, University College Cork, Ireland, IE
11:00End-Grafted Rodlike polymers: A Polymeric Self-Assembled Monolayer
M. Han, J.-W. Park, Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, KR
11:20Silicon nanopillar arrays on 4” wafers using self-assembly derived sub-50nm scale lithographic masks and investigation of the means of exercising fine-control over their optical properties
S. Krishnamoorthy and F.L. Yap, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), SG
11:40Self Assembled Block-copolymer Nanocomposite Multilayer Thin Films for Reversible Temperature Triggered Responses
W.S. Tan, R.E. Cohen, M.F. Rubner, S.A. Sukhishvili, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
12:00Self Assembly of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles on Diblock Copolymer Thin Film Templates
S.M. Adams, R. Ragan, University of California, Irvine, US
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10:30NanoFab: Direct Nanopatterning Fundamental Methods and Education: DPN Special Session IIRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
10:30Dip Pen Lithography: A Pathway to Traditional Science Research and Education
D. Newberry, Dakota County Technical College, US
10:50Measurement of DPN-Ink Viscosity using an AFM Cantilever
S. Biswas, M. Hirtz, S. Lenhert, H. Fuchs, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, DE
11:10Self-Leveling Two Dimensional Probe Arrays for Dip Pen Nanolithography®
J. Haaheim, V. Val, J. Bussan, S. Rozhok, J-W. Jang, J. Fragala, M. Nelson, NanoInk, US
11:30Point-Mass Model for Nano-Patterning Using Dip-Pen Nanolithography (DPN)
S.-W. Kang, D. Banerjee, Texas A&M University, US
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12:00Expo Hall Opens - Lunch (available for purchase in Expo Hall)Expo Hall
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2:00Indirect Methods: Innovations and ApplicationsRoom 210 C
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR
M. Weygand, Hecus GmbH, DE
2:30Enhanced ferromagnetism and weak polarization of multiferroic BiFeO3 synthesized by sol-gel auto-combustion method
G.M. Wang, J.M. Xu, D. Zhang, China University of Geosciences, CN
2:50Conformation of pH Responsive Alternating Copolymers and Self-Assembly in Nanoarchitectures
A.S.W. Chan, M. Groves, C. Malardier-Jugroot, Royal Military College of Canada, CA
3:10In-situ Surface Characterization of Nano- and Microparticles by Optical Second Harmonic Generation
B. Schürer, S. Wunderlich, U. Peschel, W. Peukert, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, DE
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1:30NanoFab: Novel Nanomaterials, Nanostructures, and Their InteractionsRoom 205 AB
Session chair: Jason Haaheim, NanoInk, US
1:30Neuronal interactions with patterned surfaces, nanofab methods interacting with bio entities (invited presentation)
J. Williams, University of Wisconsin-Madison, US
1:50Hierarchically Branched Gecko Tapes Imprinted Using Porous Alumina Templates
A.H.Y. Yee, I. Rodríguez, Y.C. Lam, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering, SG
2:10PRINT® Nanoparticle Manufacturing Scaleup for Pharmaceutical Applications
D.A. Schorzman, Liquidia Technologies, Inc., US
2:30Photonic Curing of Silver Nanoparticle Based Inks Deposited by M3D
J. West, M. Carter, S. Smith, J. Sears, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, US
2:50Self-assembly derived sub-50nm scale silicon pillar arrays as high resolution molds for nanoimprint lithography
S. Krishnamoorthy, Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), SG
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4:00Poster Session and TechConnect Expo Reception (4:00 - 6:00) - Expo HallExpo Hall
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Nano & Micro: Computational Methods, Simulation & Software ToolsExpo Hall
-Simulation and Experiment on 2PC Transmitted Diffraction Grating for GaN LEDs
X. Jin, California Polytechnic State University, US
-Method development for glucosamine modified PAMAM dendrimers 3D structure generation
T.S. Barata, S. Brocchini, I. Teo, S. Shaunak, M. Zloh, School of Pharmacy - University of London, UK
-3D Molecular Theory of Solvation for Nanochemistry in Solution
A. Kovalenko, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
-Calculation of nano-carbon deposition condition in a methane or acetylene flame based on mechanisms of chemical transport reaction
L. Wang, Beijing Institute of Technology, CN
-Optimal Solutions for the TE-Mode Infrared Transmission through the Silver Gratings
C-W Lee, C-H Kuan, National Taiwan University, TW
-A visual approach on MEMS process modeling using device cross-sections
T. Schmidt, M. Mielke, K. Hahn, D. Ortloff, J. Popp, R. Brueck, University of Siegen, DE
-Study on equivalent-circuit model for micro-torsion mirror
K. Matsuda, Tokushima Bunri University, JP
-Design Simulations of MEMS Micropump by 3D Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis
J. Johari, Universiti Teknologi Mara, MY
-Design and Fabrication of a Low Power Electro-thermal V-shape Actuator With Large Displacement
J. Khazaai, Oakland University, US
-Analysis and Simulation of Curved Bimorph Microactuators
S. Pal, H. Xie, University of Florida, US
-SugarCube: An Online Tool for Investigating the Performance of Ready-Made Parameterized MEMS
P. Marepalli, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
-Simulation of Surface and Buffer Trapping Effects on Gate Lag in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs
K. Horio, A. Nakajima, K. Fujii, Shibaura Institute of Technology, JP
-Analytical Potential Distribution Model for Underlap Double Gate MOSFETs with 3T-4T and Symmetric- Asymmetric Options for Subthreshold operation: A Conformal Mapping Approach
R. Vaddi, S. Dasgupta, R.P. Agarwal, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, IN
-Microwave and RF Applications of Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC ) MOSFET
P. Malik, R. Chajaur, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta, Semiconductor Devices Research Laboratory, IN
-Linearity Performance Assessment of Nanoscale Gate Material Engineered Trapezoidal Recessed Channel (GME-TRC) MOSFET for RFIC design and Wireless application
P. Malik, R. Chaujar, M. Gupta, R.S. Gupta, Semiconductor Devices Research Laboratory, IN
-Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures
Z. Yan, J. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He, Peking University, CN
-Nonresonant Response Characteristics to Terahertz Radiation of FETs: Influence of Magnetic Field
J. Zhu, Z. Yan, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He, Peking University, CN
-Analytic Modeling of BioFET as a pH Sensor
Y. Song, Y. Guan, J. Zhang, J. He, X. Zhang, X. Lin, Peking University, CN
-Electrical Characteristics of 16-nm-Gate Multi-Gate-and-Multi-Fin Devices and Digital Circuits
H-W Cheng, National Chiao Tung University, TW
-Numerical Simulation on Nonlinear Response of Two-Dimensional Electron Plasmas in the Field Effect Transistor Structures
Z. Yan, J. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Lin, J. He, Peking University, CN
-Carboxylation of Boron- and Nitrogen-Doped Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes: First Principles Study
N. Al-Aqtash, I. Vasiliev, New Mexico State University, US
-Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Flow over a Nano-cylinder in a Rectangular Nano-channel
A. Jabbarzadeh, The University of Sydney, AU
-Numerical simulation of binary droplet collision using CFD software tools
K.L. Pan, M.W. Liao, National Taiwan University, TW
-The challenges of statistical experiment design in process development
D. Ortloff, J. Popp, Process Relations GmbH, DE
-Nano Crystalline Cellulose – Optical and Structural Properties by Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Y. Kadiri, D. Simon, G. Picard, F. Ghozayel, J.-D. Lebreux, Ahuntsic College, CA
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Nanoscale Materials CharacterizationExpo Hall
-The Effects of POSS on the Interlaminar Shear Strength of Marine Composites under Various Environmental Conditions
H. Mahfuz, F. Powell, R. Granata, M. Hosur, Florida Atlantic University, US
-Characterization of Nanoscale Organic Pigments by Electron Microscopy Techniques
P. Li, M. Malac, F. Paraguay-Delgado, R. Carlini, S. Gardner, Xerox Research Centre of Canada, CA
-Growth and optical properties of high-density InN nanodots
W.C. Ke, S.J. Lee, C.Y. Kao, W.K. Chen, W.C. Chou, W.H. Chang, W.J. Lin, Y.C. Cheng, T.C. Lee, J.C. Lin, Yuan Ze University, TW
-An Investigation of superparamagnetism in Mn-Zn Nano- structural Ferrite thin films produced by Pulsed Laser Deposition(PLD)
D. Ravinder, Osmania University, IN
-Synthesis and Characterization of Al- and Ni-doped ZnO by Sol-gel Method
Y.C. Liu, Chang Gung University, TW
-Theoretical Studies in Epitaxial Stabilization of ZnO-based Light-emitting Semiconductors
P-L Liu, Y-J Siao, M-H Lee, National Chung Hsing University, TW
-Volume Grain Analysis in Organic Thin Film Semiconductors
D. Bergman, K.P. Gentry, T. Gredig, California State University Long Beach, US
-Characterization of an electrical powering nano-generator based on aluminum doped ZnO thin films
N. Muñoz Aguirre, J.E. Rivera López, L. Martínez Pérez, P. Tamayo Meza, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, MX
-Magnetic properties of Sputter deposited and magnetically annealed IrMn/CoFeB nanometric bilayers for exchange biased magnetic tunnel junctions
H. Fulara, M. Raju, S. Chaudhary, S.C. Kashyap, D.K. Pandya, Inidan Institute of Technology Delhi, IN
-Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Nanorods using Molecular Beam Epitaxy
M. Asghar, A. Ali, M.-A. Hasan, M. Yasin Akhtar Raja, Islamia University of Bahawalpur, PK
-Novel Nanoparticles Dispersing Beads Mill with Ultra Small Beads and its Application
M. Inkyo, Kotobuki Industries Co., Ltd., JP
-Evaluation of Tools for Nanoparticles-modulated Hyperthermia by Atomic Force Microscopy
I.V. Reshetov, V.I. Chissov, S.S. Sukharev, O.V. Matorin, A.V. Korizky, P.A.Hertzen Moscow Research Oncological Institute (MROI), RU
-Application of nanoindentation for constituent phases testing
I. Hussainova, I. Jasiuk, Tallinn University of Technology, EE
-Oxygen Vacancies induced ferromagnetism in undoped and Cr doped SnO2 nanowires
L. Zhang, S. Ge, Y. Zuo, Q. Jing, Lanzhou University, CN
-Evaluation of Uncertainty in Nanoparticle Size Measurement by Differential Mobility Analysis
C.M. Lin, T.C. Yu, S.H. Lai, H.C. Ho, H.F. Weng, S.H. Wang, C.J. Chen, Center for Measurement Standards, Industrial Technology Research Institute, TW
-Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for on-line monitoring and workplace surveillance of nanoparticle production processes
E. Frejafon, CILAS, FR
-Electrochemical & Spectroscopic Characterisation of Surface-modified Semiconductors for Solar Water Splitting
F. Sanches, M. Barroso Silva da Cruz, S. Dennison, J.R. Durrant, Imperial College London, UK
-Nano Crystalline Cellulosic Nematic monocrystals optical properties
G. Picard, Y. Kadiri, D. Simon, F. Ghozayel, J.-D. Lebreux, Ahuntsic College, CA
-Interfacial Effect in Fe/ InGaAs Magnetism
N. Berrouachedi, S. Rioual, B. Lescop, B. Rouvellou, J. Langlois, M. Bouslama, Z. Lounis, A. Abdellaoui, ENSET d’Oran, DZ
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NanoFab & MEMSFab: Manufacture, InstrumentationExpo Hall
-In-situ Growth of Gold Nanoparticles Conductive Layer on Plastic Film as an Integrated Lead Ions Sensor
X. Zhang, C.G. Hu, S.S. Hu, Wuhan University, CN
-Multicomponent Nanoarrays: Platform for High Sensitive Protein Detections
R. Sanedrin, N. Amro, E. Gubbins, J. Ohayon, D. Delaney, S. Rozhok, M. Coen, K. Rusniak, K. Ouyang, I. Ivanov, NanoInk, Inc., US
-Intermittent desolvation method to prepare size-controlled BSA nanoparticle
S-Y-R Paik, H.H. Nguyen, S.C. Yang, J. Che, S. Ko, Sejong university, KR
-Alkoxide-based precursors for direct drawing of metal oxide micro- and nanofibres
T. Tätte, M. Hussainov, G. Kelp, R. Rand, J. Gurauskis, A. Lõhmus, University of Tartu, EE
-Fabrication of pyramid array nanostructure on gallium nitride
C-C Hsieh, W-C Ke, N-P Chen, W-J Lin, Y-C Cheng, T-C Li, J-C Lin, Yuan Ze University, TW
-Preparation of Electrospun TPU/PCMs Nanofibers as a Thermostatic Clothing Material
K. Choi, D. Branson, A. Osta, K. Sallam, Oklahoma state university, US
-Fabrication of biodegradable zein films by using soft lithography
B. Altunakar, J.L. Kokini, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
-Deposition of Interwoven Fibrous Nanostructure using Ultrafast Laser Ablation in Ambient Condition
A. Tavangar, B. Tan, K. Venkatakrishan, Ryerson University, CA
-VDK 4000 Direct Write System: A new approach to direct write technology
M. Theodore, J. Fielding, J. Royer, V. Kalanovic, J. Nirilovic, J. Sears, AFRL, US
-Development of Nitrogen modified TiO2 and activated carbon fiber composites in single step
C.-Y. Tsai, H.-C. Hsi, K.-S. Fan, National Taipei University of Technology, TW
-Development of Precision Stage with Magnified Displacement System
J.G. Kim, S.C. Choi, D.W. Lee, Pusan national University, KR
-Practical issues with ion beam milling in acoustic resonator technologies
S. Mishin, Y. Oshmyansky, F. Bi, Advanced Modular Systems, Inc, US
-Design and assessment of transparent superhydrophobic glass surface with micro-network of nanopillars
J.-S. Park, J.-H. Noh, H.-E. Lim, W.-D. Kim, Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials, KR
-Cost Efficient Method of Rapid Prototyping of Microfluidic Channels and Lab-on-chip Applications
N. Alavi, C. Drewbrook, M. Akbari, A. Khosla, Simon Fraser University, CA
-Investigation on correlation between cold/hot weld line mechanical properties and micro injection molding processing parameters
L. Xie, D. Zhu, G. Ziegmann, L. Steuernagel, Technology University of Clausthal, DE
-Machining Using Fast Tool Servo Combined with Ultrasonic Vibrator
S.C. Choi, Lu Hong, D.W. Lee, Pusan University, KR
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Inkjet Design, Materials & FabricationExpo Hall
-Machine Vision System for Analysis of Drops-in-flight and Wetting Visualization
Y. Kipman, ImageXpert Inc., US
-Nano-Patterning of NaCl Using Nanopipette based on the QTF-AFM System
S.M. An, M. Geol W.H. Jhe, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Seoul National University, KR
-Customer-focused batch production via printing technology
A. Kain, C. Mueller, H. Reinecke, University of Freiburg, DE
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6:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Reception (6:00 - 8:00) - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC

Thursday June 24

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8:30Keynotes: Transformational NanotechRoom 303 CD
Session chair: Clayton Teague, NNCO, US
8:30Nanotechnology: Path Toward Commercialization at GE
M. Butts, General Electric, US
9:00Getting the Memristor to Market
S. Williams, Hewlett Packard, US
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10:00TechConnect Innovation Showcase Coffee Break - Ballroom 3rd FloorBallroom BC
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10:30Bio Nano Materials: Modeling and Simulation ApproachesRoom 208 A
Session chair: Keith Glassford, Nanostellar, US
10:303D Molecular Theory of Solvation Coupled with MD for Nanomedical Sciences
A. Kovalenko, National Institute for Nanotechnology, CA
10:50Designing universal oligonucleotides for DNA/nanoparticle conjugates
G. Ivan, V. Grolmusz, Eotvos Lorand University, HU
11:10Effect of cytosol on the dynamic behaviours of microtubules
C.Y. Wang, C.F. Li, S. Adhikari, Swansea University, UK
11:30Biomimetic polymer materials for controlled self-healing applications
C.E. Sing, A. Alexander-Katz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
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10:30NanoFab: Novel Applications of Top-Down NanofabricationRoom 210 C
Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
10:30Nanoscale Device Fabrication using Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Beam (DualBeamTM) Technology
L. Giannuzzi, FEI, US
10:50Silicon Nanostructure Fabrication by Direct FIB Writing and TMAH Wet Chemical Etching
P. Sievilä, N. Chekurov, I. Tittonen, Aalto University, FI
11:10Fabrication of Micro Photonic Crystals for Handling of Terahertz Electromagnetic Waves
S. Kirihara, D. Sano, T. Niki, N. Ohta, Y. Takinami, Osaka University, JP
11:30Efficient coupling of light into nanometer sized objects via dielectric microcavities and metal nanoantennas
M. Hagner, T. Thomay, M. Kahl, J. Merlein, V. Kohnle, T. Hanke, A. Leitenstorfer, R. Bratschitsch, University of Konstanz, DE
11:50Nanomechanical Mass Spectrometry and NEMS VLSI
A. Naik, California Institute of Technology, US
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10:30Micro and Nano Reliability IRoom 206 A
Session chair: Jürgen Keller, AMIC GmbH and Bernd Michel, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
10:30Future requirements on electronics reliability for extended application and technology fields
W. Wondrak, R. Dudek, Daimler AG, DE
10:50Thermomechanical Reliability for Emerging Technologies: Implications for Microelectronic and Photovoltaic Devices
R.H. Dauskardt, Stanford University, US
11:10In-situ MEMS Testing
A. Dommann, A. Neels, A. Schifferle, E. Mazza, CSEM, CH
11:30Long term functional stability and encapsulation reliability of fully integrated wireless neural interfaces based on Utah Slant Electrode Array (USEA)
A. Sharma, L. Rieth, P. Tathireddy, R. Harrison, H. Oppermann, M. Klein, R. Normann, G. Clark, F. Solzbacher, University of Utah, US
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10:30TechConnect Corporate PartneringRoom 207 D
Session chair: Dave Gibbons, University of California, San Diego, US
10:30Honda TechConnect Partnering
N. Sugimoto, Honda Strategic Venturing, US
10:50Applied Materials TechConnect Partnering
C. Moran, Applied Materials Ventures, US
11:10Samsung TechConnect Partnering
B. Byun, Samsung Ventures, US
11:30Panasonic TechConnect Partnering
I. Nydick, Panasonic Ventures Group, US
11:50Siemens TechConnect Partnering
S. Heuser, Siemens, US
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12:00Lunch (TechConnect Innovation Showcase - Ballroom BC, lunch for purchase)Ballroom BC
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1:30Nano Characterization SolutionsRoom 210 A
Session chair: Pierre Panine, Xenocs SA, FR
1:30Imaging three-dimensional microstructures fabricated by two-photon polymerization using CARS microscopy
T. Baldacchini, Newport Corporation, US
1:50Individual SiGe Nanowire Chemical Composition Depth Profiling and Surface Oxidation Analyzed by Auger Electron Spectroscopy
J.S. Hammond, U. Givan, D. Paul, F. Patolsky, Physical Electronics USA, US
2:10Advances in Helium Ion Microscopy for High Resolution Imaging and Material Modification
W. Thompson, J. Notte, L. Scipioni, M. Ananth, L. Stern, S. Sijbrandij, C. Sanford, Carl Zeiss SMT, US
2:30Size and Count of Nanoparticles by Scattering and Fluorescence Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA)
D. Griffiths, P. Hole, J. Smith, A. Malloy, B. Carr, NanoSight, US
2:50Size distribution determination of nanoparticles and nanosized pores by small-angle X-Ray scattering on a multi-purpose X-ray diffractometer platform
J. Bolze, S. Rekhi, K. Macchiarola, B. Litteer, PANalytical B.V., NL
3:10Effect of local curvature on the interaction between hydrophobic surfaces
P. Hansson, A. Swerin, E. Thormann, P.M. Claesson, J. Schoelkopf, P.A.C. Gane, YKI, Institute for surface chemistry, SE
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1:30MEMS Device Modeling IRoom 208 A
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
1:30Modeling study of capacitance and gate current in strained High--K Metal gate technology: impact of Si/SiO2/HK interfacial layer and band structure model
D. Garetto, D. Rideau, E. Dornel, W.F. Clark, C. Tavernier, Y. Leblebici, A. Schmid, H. Jaouen, IBM France, FR
1:50A Sparse Grid based Collocation Method for Model Order Reduction of Finite Element Models of MEMS under Uncertainty
P.S. Sumant, H. Wu, A.C. Cangellaris, N. Aluru, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US
2:10Calibration and Validation Procedure for Reliable and Predictive High-level Transducer Models Suited for System-level Design
R. Khalilyulin, G. Schrag, G. Wachutka, Munich University of Technology, DE
2:30An Online Electrostatics Modeling Tool for Microdevices with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions by Schwarz-Christoffel Mapping
F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
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1:30NanoFab: Carbon Nanostructuring; Fabrication of Organic NanostructuresRoom 210 C
Session chair: Aaron Stein, Brookhaven National Lab, US
1:30DNA Nanostructures (invited presentation)
B. Sherman, Brookhaven, US
1:50Nanoscale Graphene Lithography Using an Atomic Force Microscope
K. Kumar, E.H. Yang, Stevens Institute of Technology, US
2:10Measurement of Figure of Merit for a Single β-Silicon Carbide Nanowire by the Four-Point Three-ω Method
T.Y. Choi, University of North Texas, US
2:30Nanotube Lithography (invited presentation)
Y.H. Wang, University of Maryland, US
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1:30Micro & Nano Reliability IIRoom 206 A
Session chair: Jürgen Keller, AMIC GmbH and Bernd Michel, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
1:30Advanced Virtual Qualification Methods to Reduce the Time-to-Market of Microelectronic Assemblies
M.H. Shirangi, M. Koyuncu, J. Keller, B. Michel, Bosch Mahle TS GmbH, DE
1:50A Multiscale Modeling Approach for Microelectronic Packaging Applications
N. Iwamoto, O. Hölck, S. Noijen, B. Wunderle, S. Todd, Honeywell Specialty Materials, US
2:10A Novel In-situ Force Measurement Method for Real Solder Joints Fatigue Evaluation
M. Roellig, R. Metasch, K. Meier, Fraunhofer Institute for Non-Destructive Testing, DE
2:30Networking in Micro/Nano Reliability Research Encouraged by EUCEMAN, the European Center for Micro- and Nanoreliability
B. Michel, J. Hammacher, T. Winkler, E. Kaulfersch, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
2:50Tin Whisker Mitigation – A Nanotechnology Enabled Solution
M. Yang, R. Fink, N. Jiang, J.P. Novak, Applied Nanotech, Inc., US
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1:30Solar: Novel Technologies and Materials for Advanced PerformanceRoom 204 A
Session chair: Mike Masquelier, Redspan, US
1:30From Qualification Testing Towards Service Life Assessment of PV-modules
M. Koehl, Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme ISE, DE
1:50Overview of Photovoltaic R&D Trends and DuPont Focus Areas
T.R. Earnest Jr., J.A. Sternberg, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions (DPVS), US
2:10Concentration Photovoltaic Technology
E. Chen, Everphoton, TW
2:30Improving CPV Performance and Reliability with a Nano-Engineered Thermal Management Material
N. Jiang, R. Fink, J.P. Novak, Y. Li, Applied Nanotech, Inc., US
2:50Characterization of c-Si, Thin Film a-Si, and CIGS Solar Materials using SIMS, TOF-SIMS, TEM, Auger and GDMS
G. Mount, R. Michel, U. Sharma, J. Moskito, K. Putyera, L. Wang, T. Buyuklimanli, Evans Analytical Group, US
3:10Improving the conversion efficiency of the polycrystalline silicon thin film solar cells by rapid thermal annealing and hydrogen plasma treatment
Y.J. Lee, D.J. Lee, I.M. Sung, J.H. Baek, M.S. Hwang, J.M. Jo, K.H. Kim, S.H. Roh, Y.H. Lee, S.W. Lee, D.J. Kim, K.S. Lim, TG Solar Corporation, KR
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3:00BreakFoyer 2nd Floor
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3:30MEMS Device Modeling IIRoom 208 A
Session chair: Cy Wilson, NASA, US
3:30Dynamic Compact Thermal Model of an Electrothermal Micromirror Based on Transmission Line Theory
S. Pal, H. Xie, University of Florida, US
3:50Passive Temperature-Compensation of MEM Resonators
X. Rottenberg, R. Jansen, S. Stoffels, J. De Coster, W. De Raedt, H.A.C. Tilmans, IMEC, BE
4:10Improved Modeling of the Comb Drive Levitation Effect
F. Li, J.V. Clark, Purdue University, US
4:30Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of CMOS-SAW Sensors
O. Tigli, M.E. Zaghloul, Washington State University Vancouver, US
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3:30EHS: Nanoparticle Interactions, Biocompatibility & Toxicity IIIRoom 201 A
Session chair: Rashi Iyer, Los Alamos National Labs, US
3:30Nanotechnology Safety: Advances in nanomaterials regulation in Europe and best practice for risk assessment and safe handling
S.M. Hankin, R.J. Aitken, Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK
3:50Labeling Nanotechnology Products: Why, When and How
N. Horne, D. Bowman, S. Foss Hansen, University of California Berkeley, US
4:10Applying Basic Risk Management Principles to Nanomaterial Processes
C.L. Geraci, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, US
4:30A Scenario-Based Life Cycle Approach to Nanoscale Research Integration
M. Philbrick, University of California, Berkeley, US
4:50Lessons learned from the field, how to protect yourself from occupational exposure to engineered nanomaterials
L.L. Hodson, C.L. Geraci. M. Methner, C. Crawford, CDC/NIOSH, US
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3:30International Standards Creation and Compliance in NanotechnologyRoom 202 A
Session chair: William S. Rogers, Day Pitney
-J.A. Clark, Day Pitney LL, US
-S.R. Amdt, Exponent, Inc., US
-R.C. Pleus, Intertox, Inc., US
-M.E. Marrapese, Keller and Heckman, US
-C. Teague, National Nanotechnology Coordination Office, US
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3:30NanoFab: Nanofabrication Development - Techniques and FacilitiesRoom 210 C
Session chair: Guy DeRose, Caltech, US
3:30The Application of the Fixed Beam Moving Stage (FBMS) Lithography Mode and the Metrology Toolset to Fabricate and Measure Waveguide Coupling Devices
J. E. Sanabia, J. Klingfus, M. Aktary, Raith USA, Inc., US
3:50The Challenges Facing Open Access Nanofabrication Facilities
R. Hicks, Australian National Fabrication Facility, AU
4:10Influence of resist composition on demolding force in UV nanoimprint lithography
A. Amirsadeghi, J. Lee, S. Park, Louisiana State University, US
4:30Maskless Lithography Using Patterned Amorphous Silicon Layer Induced by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation
A. Kiani, K. Venkatakrishnan, B. Tan, Ryerson University, CA
4:50Characterization of an ultra high aspect ratio electron beam resist for nano-lithography
S. Lewis, D. Jeanmaire, V. Haynes, L. Piccirillo, The University of Manchester, UK
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3:30Micro & Nano Reliability IIIRoom 206 A
Session chair: Jürgen Keller, AMIC GmbH and Bernd Michel, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
3:30Adhesion of moulding compounds. Can material pre-selection increase the reliability of electronic components?
R. Pufall, B. Michel, E. Kaulfersch, Infineon Technology AG, DE
3:50Influence of moisture on humidity sensitive material parameters of microelectonic relevant polymers
H. Walter, E. Dermitzaki, B. Wunderle, B. Michel, Fraunhofer IZM, DE
4:10fibDAC Stress Relief – a Novel Stress Measurement Approach for Semiconductor BEoL Structures
D. Vogel, A. Gollhardt, J. Keller, B. Michel, Fraunhofer ENAS, DE
4:30Monte Carlo Modeling Of Electrical Breakdown In Layered Capacitors
E. Furman, G. Sethi, B. Koch, M. Lanagan, Pennsylvania State University, US
4:50Advanced In- and Out-off plane High Resolution X-ray Strain Analysis on MEMS
A. Neels, A. Dommann, CSEM, CH
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5:00TechConnect Investment Networking Reception - Second FloorFoyer 2nd Floor
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