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Nanowerk is the leading nanotechnology and nanosciences portal developed and maintained by Honolulu-based Nanowerk LLC. The reason we have become the premier nanotechnology portal is the depth, rich scope and relevance of our editorial content and the resources we put at users’ fingertips.

One of the most popular features on Nanowerk is our Spotlight section - our daily Nanowerk-exclusive feature article. We look behind the buzz and hype to inform our readers on what’s hot and new from around the globe. Some stories are more like an introduction to nanoscience, some are about understanding current developments, and some are advanced reviews of leading-edge nanotechnology research. Almost every Spotlight is crafted in cooperation with the authors of a scientific paper. Spotlight essays appear every workday, and so far we have done well over 400 of them. Scientists appreciate the publicity they receive through our articles and in turn help spread the word about Nanowerk among their colleagues and scientific communities.

On average we run between 70-100 news articles every week. For the convenience of our readers, the news section is separated into Business News and Research & General News. The Spotlight and News sections draw over 50% of the Nanowerk page views and have become a valuable resource for business insiders as well as scientists, engineers and officials from various public and government bodies.

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