Nanotech 2010
Manuel Perez

Manuel Perez

Assistant Professor
Nanoscience Technology Center,
Chemistry Department and Burnett College of Biomedical Sciences
University of Central Florida

Dr J. Manuel Perez completed his Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemistry at the University of Puerto Rico, followed by a Doctoral degree in Chemistry at Boston University. He then completed a postdoctoral training at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School under the mentorship of Dr. Ralph Weissleder. He joined the faculty at the University of Central Florida's Nanoscience Technology Center in 2005. Research in his laboratory focuses on the development of nanoparticle technologies and their application in nanomedicine, molecular imaging, and molecular diagnostics. His primary interest is the design of novel and target-specific nanoparticle-based conjugates with potential imaging and therapeutic applications in cancer and bacterial infections. Other areas of current interest are the: (1) development of nanoparticle technologies and biosensors to detect molecular markers associated with disease in point-of-care diagnostic applications and for the detection of harmful pathogens and toxins, (2) development of novel multifunctional nanoparticles for the imaging and treatment of cancer, (3) development of sensitive and high throughput pathogen and toxin detection using magnetic nanoparticles and NMR/MRI detection, (4) design of targeted cerium oxide nanoparticles as antioxidant nanoagents and nanosensors

Chairing the symposium on Nanoparticles in Imaging Technologies.

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