Nanotech 2010

Nanoenergetic Materials: Understanding Explosive Reactions at the Nanoscale

Michael  Zachariah

Michael Zachariah

Professor, Departments of Mechanical Engineering and Chemistry, Co-Laboratory for NanoParticle Based Manufacturing and Metrology

Professor Zachariah is the founding Director of the recently funded University of Maryland/NIST Center for NanoManufacturing and Metrology and was the founding Director of the Army Center for Nanoenergetics Research. He has published over 160 scientific papers, and presented over 80 invited talks, in the area of aerosol and nanoparticle science, combustion, and nanoscale characterization by mass-spectrometry and optical spectroscopy. Prior to his arrival at the University of Maryland, he was on the faculty at the University of Minnesota and been a leader of the reacting flows group at NIST. He holds a B.S in Biochemistry and received the PhD in Chemical Engineering all from UCLA in 1986.

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