Nanotech 2010

Effect of magnetic field on magnetic nanoparticles distribution by boil deposition

M. Anjidani, M. Ghorannevis, S. Nasiri Laheghi, S. Shams
Science & Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, IR

Keywords: deposition, magnetic nanoparticles, magnetic field


We studied effect of external magnetic field on Fe3O4 nanoparticles distribution on the Glass as the substrate. A few nanosuspension drops were placed on preheated substrates. The drops boiled on the surface and consequently the nanoparticles dispersed on the surface. This work was performed in present and absence of magnetic field, finally the results were compared to each other. The samples were analyzed by atomic force microscopy (AFM). The boil deposition is a novel method which is able to deposit discrete nanoparticles uniformly on the surface. Simplicity and having a few parameters to control are the brilliant advantages of this method. Discrete nanoparticles on the surface can be used as a catalyst for growing carbon nanotubes.
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