Nanotech 2010

Green and efficient hydroxylation of phenol using H2O2 catalyzed by coordination polymers

S.J.J. Titinchi, H.S. Abbo
University of the Western Cape, ZA

Keywords: green oxidant, hydroxylation of phenol, coordination polymer


New two coordination polymers, viz. [-CH2(Cu(bis-salan)}-]n and [-CH2(Mn(bis-salan).2H2O}-]n, where salan = 5,5’-methylene bis-salicylideneaniline.synthesis were synthesized and characterized. These coordination polymers were evaluated as heterogeneous catalysts for the liquid-phase hydroxylation of phenol using a green oxidant H2O2. The optimized reaction conditions were studied through variation of process parameters such as temperature, time, type of oxidants and solvents, volume of solvent, amount of catalyst and phenol to H2O2 molar ratio. The catalytic activity of the synthesized Cu-based catalyst (37 %) is higher than the Mn-based catalysts (22 %), while Mn-based catalyst shows a much higher selectivity to catechol (~ 96 %) than the Cu-based catalyst (~71 %).
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