Nanotech 2010

Electrochemistry for ultra-low voltage electro-variable optics and nanophotonics: from lenses to mirrors

N. Cousens, J. Edel, M. Flatte, A.A. Kornyshev, A. Kucernak, M. Marinescu, C.W. Monroe, A. Sleightholme, V. Turek, M. Urbakh
Imperial College London, UK

Keywords: self-assembled nanoplasmonics, electrovariable lenses, smart morrors


The work will cover activities of a joint team of Imperial College London (UK), University of Iowa (USA),University of Michigan, and University of Tel Aviv (Israel) on the new ultra low voltage soft lenses and mirrors, based on electrowetting effect and localization of nanoparticles. The key component in the studied systems is the interface of two immiscible electrolytic solutions. The latter is a fancy liquid-liquid system well studied in electrochemistry, but poorly known to physicists. The work opens new horizons in optofluidics and has a vast number of applications.
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