Nanotech 2010

Mammalian cells in nanocapsules:fiber production in co-flowing ambient liquid stream

A. Sharma, R. Sharma
Innovations and Solutions Inc, US

Keywords: nanocapsules, hydrogels, gelation


Mammalian cell-enclosed in nanocapsules have been investigated as devices for bioproduction, cell therapy and stem cell research. Reduction in the diameter of the vehicles is an important issue as it induces beneficial effects such as higher molecular exchangeability between the enclosed cells and the ambient environment, as well as higher mechanical stability and biocompatibility. The authors describe the effectiveness of using a jetting process involving the formation of a stretched thin jet of aqueous polymer solution and its subsequent breakup into droplets in a co-flowing water-immiscible liquid for obtaining droplets of about 100 m in diameter. The droplet production process and the processes for obtaining gelated nanocapsules through a thermal and peroxidase-catalyzed gelation process are also described. In addition, author introduces the production of cell-enclosing hydrogel fibers using the same device developed for the production of cell-enclosing nanocapsules.
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