Nanotech 2010

Size-Controllable Synthesis and Characterization of Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Oxide Nanoparticles

A. Sharma, A. Sharma, R. Sharma
AKG College of Engineering, IN

Keywords: semiconductor, oxide nanoparticles


A search of new class of semiconductors with metal oxides of specific sizes motivated us to synthesize nanoparticles. The preparation of nanocomposites using dispersed nanoparticles into solid hosts is nowadays an attracting scientific art and technological interest. The properties of these hybrid nanocomposite systems are different and often improved, compared with their isolated counterparts. In this study we improved the synthesis of controlled-size semiconductor oxide nanoparticles based on the impregnation and decomposition of transition-metal 2-ethylhexanoate-based precursors in mesoporous hosts aiming to prepare MO2 (M = Ti, Ce, and Sn). The pore size of the host material was enough to control the size of the guest material synthesized within it. The linear mass gain for each cycle in the synthesis process was an advantage of this method, because it allowed the control of nanoparticle growth via a layer-by-layer assembly. We report the results of X-ray diffraction, Compton profiling, transmission electron microscopy, and Raman spectroscopy for SnO2, TiO2 and CeO2 nanocrystals. Raman spectroscopy dependence on nanocrystal sizes allowed nanocrystals to their use by this technique as prompt characterization tool to estimate nanocrystal size.
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