Nanotech 2010

Superhydrophobic coating using metallic nanorods for aerospace applications

G.K. Kannarpady, Y. Lefrileux, T. Laurent, J. Woo, K.R. Khedir, H. Ishihara, S. Trigwell, C. Ryerson, A.S. Biris
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, US

Keywords: anti-icing coating, metallic nanorods, aerospace applications


The paper presents a novel technique that combines anodization and glancing angle sputtering deposition to generate nanorods of Aluminum. The nanorod surface coated with a monolayer of a silane exhibited contact angle of 155 degree with a water droplet. In addition, the surface showed water bouncing behavior indicating possible applications in anti-icing coating in aerospace. The technique can be improved further to obtain much higher contact angle. The approach discussed in the paper is highly promising as modifying aersopace compatible materials like Al into water repelling surface can help in avoiding ice formation on an airplane. In addition, this coating can be used in many other fields like power transmission, wind turbines, etc., where ice formation is a major problem.
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