Nanotech 2010

Hydrothermal synthesis and Photoluminescent characterization of nanocrystalline BaZrO3

L.A. Diaz-Torres, P. Salas, V.M. CastaƱo, J. Oliva, E. De la Rosa
Centro de Investigaciones en Optica A C, MX

Keywords: barium zirconate, hydrothermal, uv photoluminescence


Uniform well faceted sub-microcrystalline BaZrO3 particles have been obtained by a facile hydrothermal reaction. It is found that both morphology and photoluminescence properties depend on reaction time, complexation surfactant, solvent water to ethanol ratio, as well as the coprecipitation agent. Band gap estimations suggest that blue-green emission intensity, under ultraviolet radiation excitation, depends on the degree of crystal lattice disorder. Such disorder degree on turn depends strongly on the coprecipitating agent and post hydrothermal processing annealing time. Morphology depends on coprecipitant agent molarities and reaction times.
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