Nanotech 2010

Electrochemical & Spectroscopic Characterisation of Surface-modified Semiconductors for Solar Water Splitting

F. Sanches, M. Barroso Silva da Cruz, S. Dennison, J.R. Durrant
Imperial College London, UK

Keywords: surface-modified, solar, water splitting, semiconductors


Recently a novel cobalt based catalyst for oxygen evolution was reported to have good efficiencies in water electrolysis. Furthermore, it has been deposited on Fe2O3 and was found to reduce the required bias potential for water photolysis. In this paper the performance of the Co complex as a co-catalyst on various metal oxide substrates (in particular TiO2 and Fe2O3) will be reported. It is found that the catalyst reduces the bias potential required. To gain an understanding of the reasons for this Trasient Absorption Spectrosopy (TAS) measurements will be made. The photo-electrochemical and TAS data of the catalyst on these substrates will be presented with the aim of enhancing the understanding of the water oxidation kinetics. This data will then be used to draw conclusions regarding the suitability of the catalyst for water photolysis and its potential in the design of new systems for water photolysis.
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