Nanotech 2010

Development of Nitrogen modified TiO2 and activated carbon fiber composites in single step

C.-Y. Tsai, H.-C. Hsi, K.-S. Fan
National Taipei University of Technology, TW

Keywords: N2 modified TiO2, activated carbon fiber, evaporation condensation, thermal plasma


The aim of this study is to develop visible-light photocatalyst nanopowders by N2 modified TiO2 matrix via gas-phase evaporation condensation with thermal plasma as a heating source. The formed visible-light TiO2 nanopowders are subsequently doped onto the surface of activated carbon fiber (ACF). This TiO2/ACF composite possesses the capability of adsorption, concentration, and photodestruction of gaseous contaminants. The formed TiO2 nanopowders and TiO2/ACF composites were characterized with TEM, XRD, UV-Vis, and ESEM. The obtained results indicated that the nanopowders had a size within 10 – 40 nm. The TiO2 nanoparticles exhibit well-crystallized anatase phase and weak band for rutile phase as non-nitrogen plasma gas. The crystal phases of the N2 modified nanopowders were a mixture of anatase and rutile. The TiO2 with N2 modified has an evident red-shift in wavelength absorption. ESEM results also showed that the synthesized TiO2 nanopowders were uniformly distributed on the ACF surface. These results revealed that the proposed thermal plasma method successfully fabricated visible-light TiO2 /ACF in a single step.
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