Nanotech 2010

Development of Durable Nanostructured Superhydrophobic Self-Cleaning Surfaces in Glass Substrates

Y.D. Jiang, M. White, A.T. Hunt, M. Kitada, T. Fitz
nGimat Co., US

Keywords: superhydrophobic, self-cleaning, nanostructure, coating, CCVD


Superhydrophobic self-cleaning surfaces have wide applications in architectural and automotive windows and solar panels, etc. Many existing hydrophobic coatings either have low transmittance which is not suitable for windows or not as hydrophobic as lotus leaves. In this paper, SiO2 based transparent superhydrophobic nanocoatings on glass have been developed by an innovation CCVD configuration implemented by an industrial partner in collaboration with nGimat. The new deposition device uses NanoSpray Combustion process to generate nanoparticles and embeds ultrafine particles into glass substrate to improve abrasion resistance. Cross sectional scanning transmission electron microscopy clearly shows that the particle was embedded into the glass substrate and the interface between the particle and the substrate was melt. A superhydrophobic coating by the new CCVD device before and after wiping tested for 50,000 times by a standard automotive wiper shows the similar morphology and water contact angle, showing the significantly increased abrasion resistance and durability by the new CCVD device.
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