Nanotech 2010

Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes for Advanced CNT/LCP Nanocomposites

N.G. Sahoo, H.K.F. Cheng, L. Li, S.H. Chan, J. Zhao
Nanyang Technological University, SG

Keywords: carbon nanotube, functionalization, liquid crystalline polymer, nanocomposite


A novel approach has been made to the chemical functionalization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) for developing advanced polymeric nanocomposites with liquid crystalline polymer (LCP). In the approach, we have selectively introduced two types of different chemical moieties (i.e. carboxylic, -COOH, and hydroxyl benzoic acid groups, -HBA) on the sidewalls of the MWCNTs in order to improve their dispersion in LCP and interaction with LCP. FTIR and Raman spectroscopy were used to examine the interaction between the functionalized MWCNTs and the LCP. The effects of the functionalized MWCNTs on the rheological, mechanical, dynamic mechanical and thermal properties of LCP have been studied. The composites containing HBA-functionalized MWCNTs showed the higher complex viscosity, storage and loss modulus than the composites with the same loading of raw MWCNTs and MWCNT-COOH. Therefore, the HBA-functionalized MWCNTs exhibited the better dispersion in the polymer matrix and formed the stronger interaction with the polymer than the raw MWCNTs and MWCNT-COOH. As a result, the overall mechanical performance of the MWCNT-HBA/LCP composites could be improved significantly.
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