Nanotech 2010

A new magnetic nanomedicine enhances the therapy efficiency for bladder cancer MGH-U1 cells

H.-W. Yang
Chang Gung University, TW

Keywords: magnetic nanoparticles, epirubicin drug, bladder cancer, polyaniline


In summary, a novel and nontoxic SPAnH/MNPs drug carrier which contains carboxyl acid group is successfully developed and can be used for the immobilization of chemotherapeutic drug, Epirubicin, effectively. The bound Epiubicin can be guided and concentrated at the tumor site by an applied magnetic field, enhancing the local concentration and therapeutic efficacy. The inhibitive percentages of the growth of bladder cancer MGH-U1 cells of bound Epirubicin are 84.7 % higher than those of free Epirubicin (64.3 %). This magnetic deliverable Epirubicin shows the potential for the development of new treatment of antitumor for human Bladder Cancer.
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