Nanotech 2010

CANdots: Nanoparticles for your Purpose

J. Niehaus, D. Tiegs, S. Becker, V-H Tran, H. Weller

Keywords: nanoparticles, continuous flow, synthesis, nanomedcine, fluorescent, magnetic, labeling


CAN GmbH has developed a continuous flow reactor for the synthesis of highly monodisperse nanoparticles in close collaboration with the University of Hamburg. Using this technique, it is possible to carry out a 3-step organometallic synthesis achieving e.g. CdSe/CdS/ZnS (CANdot Series A) or FeOX (CANdot Series M) with great efficiency and reduced production costs. In addition, a procedure for the transfer of nanoparticles into water using a continuous flow process was invented by the CAN GmbH, too. This gives us the opportunity to produce even big amounts of water soluble nanoparticles with a high degree of reproducibility. Due to our design of the ligand used for the transfer, these particles are stable in many different buffers (e.g. PBS, DMEM, BSA, TRIS, MES) and even at 37°C with very low concentrations. To extend their use for biomedical applications, it is possible to modify the outer surface of the particles, so that carboxy or amino groups can be used for further functionalization. Therefore a further modification of the surface with affinity molecules like antibodies or small proteins is easy to achieve. Overall, this approach gives the possibility to address a large number of different targets in organisms specifically. preference: oral presentation
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