Nanotech 2010

Optical metrology of randomly-distributed Au colloids on a multilayer film

S.-H. Hsu, Y.-C. Chang, Y.-C. Chen, P.-K. Wei, Y.D. Kim
Academia Sinica, TW

Keywords: spectroscopic ellipsometry, surface plasmon, nanoparticles


To understand the size, shape, and distribution of nanoparticles, an efficient finite-element Green’s function approach was employed to calculate ellipsometry parameters. Au nanoparticles were assumed to be spheroids. The spheroidal shape was modeled by 15 to 25 stacked slices of circular discs with slowly varying diameters. The nanoparticles were assumed to be placed randomly with an average inter-particle distance, R. The contribution of multiple scatterings from this random distribution was treated by introducing a structure factor in the integral equation for scattering. Results obtained from our model calculations based on the finite-element Green’s function method are in good agreement with the spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements when a set of suitable parameters describing size, shape, and distribution pattern of nanoparticles is found. This suggests that spectroscopic ellipsometry measurements coupled with efficient and sophisticated theoretical modeling can be a very useful tool for nondestructive metrology of nanostructures.
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