Nanotech 2010

Multifunctional Polymer Nanospheres for Multimodal Imaging and Drug Delivery

C.W. Evans, M.J. Latter, C.L. Raston, A.R. Harvey, S.A. Dunlop, M. Fitzgerald, K.S. Iyer
The University of Western Australia, AU

Keywords: nanoparticles, imaging, drug delivery


We have prepared multifunctional poly(methyl methacrylate) nanospheres containing magnetite nanoparticles and a BODIPY® fluorophore. The nanospheres are prepared using an emulsion-based system, and their size has been characterised by TEM and DLS. The incorporation of superparamagnetic magnetite nanoparticles has been confirmed using magnetometry and elemental maps obtained by EFTEM. The particles are simultaneously fluorescent and magnetic. As part of our determination of the toxicity of these nanospheres in vitro, we will report data for viability assays using undifferentiated PC12 cells.
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