Nanotech 2010

Size dependent photoluminescence characteristics of GaN nanoparticles

Y. Chen, K.S. Kang, N. Jyoti, J. Kim
Inha University, KR

Keywords: GaN, Photoluminescence, Sol-gel


Various size of GaN nanoparticles have been fabricated with sol-gel method using Ga(NO3)3 as a presusor, HNO3 as a solvent, NH3OH as a pH adjusting agent, and citric acid as a chelating agent. After adding citric acid the solution became clear. The solution was poured to Petri dish and dried at 400 C for 4 h. The resulting Ga2O3 was gray colored powder. The gallium oxide power was put to the Al-crucible and annealed at 900 C for 1 h. The resulting nanoparticles have been investigated using field emission transmission electron microscope (FETEM), atomic force microscope (AFM), x-ray diffeactometer and UV-visible absorption microscope. The FETEM and AFM image show the GaN nanoparticle size of 8-13 nm. X-ray diffraction patterns provide characteristic GaN diffraction peaks. The GaN absorption peak appeared at between 240 – 300 nm. The maximum photoluminescence peak (PL) appeared at 371 nm and the broad peak was 440 – 550 nm. As the particle size increased the additional sharp PL peak at 483 nm was observed.
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