Nanotech 2010

Ultrasonically sprayed nanostructured SnO2 thin films for highly sensitive hydrogen sensing

L.A. Patil
Pratap College Amalner, IN

Keywords: ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, nanocrystalline tin oxide, microstructure, high H2 response


Nanostructured SnO2 thin films were prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis technique. The aerosol produced by nozzle was sprayed on glass substrate heated at 150oC. The sensing performance of the films was tested for various gases such as LPG, hydrogen, ethanol, carbon dioxide and ammonia. The sensor (30 min) showed high gas response (S = 3040 at 350oC) on exposure of 1000 ppm of hydrogen and high selectivity against other gases. Its response time was short ( 2 s ) and recovery was also fast ( 12 s ).
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