Nanotech 2010

California’s Efforts to Safe and Responsible Nanotechnologies: Information Call-in from Manufacturers of Nanometals and Oxides

H-Y Kang
California Environmental Protection Agency, US

Keywords: DTSC, information call-in, metals, oxides


The nanotechnologies and their applications encompass many areas. However, because of their unique properties, nanomaterials might have the potential to adversely effects to human health and the environment. The potential risks of nanomaterials such as toxicity, fate and transport are not well known, thus a safe and responsible approach is necessary. To understand potential risks, Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) in California Environmental Protection Agency will initiate an information call-in from manufacturers of some nanometal oxides (Al2O3, SiO2, TiO2, CeO2, and ZnO) and nanometals (Ag, Fe) in 2010. DTSC exercises its authority under California’s Health and Safety Code, Sections 57018-57020. This California’s information call-in is the first mandatory program for safe nanotechnology. To address issue, DTSC will request the information regarding analytical testing methods, fate and transport in the environment of these nanomaterials. DTSC has identified manufacturers who produce/import materials of interest in California and will coordinate with those to develop a resource-efficient approach to filling information gaps. The information call-in will help develop the existing body of information on nanomaterials and will identify gaps in the existing information that could be filled to better protect human health and the environment, and help economic growth of the industry.
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