Nanotech 2010

MicroGREEN Polymers Inc.

Location:WA, US
Speaker:Thomas Malone
Primary Industry:Advanced Materials/Chemical
Executive Summary:MicroGREEN Polymers offers the proprietary technology Ad-air™ which expands polymer films by creating billions of tiny bubbles in a closed cell microstructure at the core of the material. Ad-air™ applications increase the length, width and thickness of a roll of film while reducing film density by as much as 80%. This equates to a 50% reduction in material costs after Ad-air™. Ad-air™ is a clean technology ideally suited for expanding ecologically friendly plastics like recycled PET, the world’s most recycled plastic, and emerging bio-plastics like the corn-based polymer film PLA. The process does not use any petrochemical foaming agents or release volatile organic compounds into the environment.
Venture is:C-Round

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