Nanotech 2010


Location:WA, US
Speaker:Burt Hamner
Primary Industry:Hydrokinetic
Executive Summary:The Hydrovolts hydrokinetic turbine generates consistent renewable electricity from water power for agriculture, industry, and global sustainable development, including in places never before possible. It makes electricity at <$0.02/kWh, a cost less than half that of all small-generation alternatives (hydro, wind, solar, diesel) and with a capital ROI <5 years. The patent-pending turbine generates electricity 24/7/365, is fully submersible, simple, safe and scalable, easy to install, operate and maintain, and is operational without the construction of dams, penstocks or poured concrete. Hydrovolts turbines generate steady green and clean power without the variability or intermittency of solar and wind.
Venture is:Seed Level

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