Nanotech 2010

Sky WindPower

Location:CO, US
Speaker:Len Shepard
Primary Industry:Wind Power
Executive Summary:Our objective is to convert the abundant power in high altitude winds into clean energy at a cost competitive to or better than fossil fuel alternatives. We will do this by developing flying electric generators, for which we hold intellectual property. These generators will be able to produce utility scale clean power at $.03-.06/kWh while operating at altitudes up to 30,000 feet in reserved airspace. Because high altitude winds exist in latitudes of 30 to 60 degrees north and south of the equator all over the world, the potential for power production and profit with this technology is enormous. The steps we are taking are: •Prove the enormous economic potential of our technology •Get public and private agencies educated and promoting our technology •Develop and file intellectual property rights. We have 3 existing US Patents, 2 filed provisional patents, and 3 new patent applications in process. •Evaluate potential partners that have the capability and desire to implement our technologies on a large scale. •Licensing intellectual property to a large company with an existing interest in the energy business will be our primary goal.
Venture is:B-Round

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