Nanotech 2010

Development of Precision Stage with Magnified Displacement System

J.G. Kim, S.C. Choi, D.W. Lee
Pusan national University, KR

Keywords: self-lever-mechanism, magnified displacement, precision stage


In this study, a new precision stage was developed using self-lever-mechanism to magnify its moving displacement optically. The developed precision stage was constructed as a position-sensitive photodiode (PSPD), a laser diode (LD), and a hinge-connected rotation mirror plate. A beam from a laser diode was focused onto the middle of the rotating mirror & PSPD. The position variation of the reflected beam from the mirror rotation was then monitored by the PSPD. Finally, the PSPD measured the magnified displacement as opposed to the actual movement of the stage via a self-lever-mechanism. The feedback system using magnified displacement system was originally designed for the magnified range by a factor of 10. Therefore, theoretical measuring displacement is 10 times of actual moving displacement. Test results show that good agreement is obtained between the experimental and theoretical date. Based on these results, a precision stage with feedback system using magnified displacement will be used in nano stage industries.
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